Development of Smart Sorting Machine Using Artificial Intelligence for Chili Fertigation Industries


Keywords: Sorting Machine, Artificial Neural Network, Plot Confusion, Fertigation


This paper presents an automation process is a need in the agricultural industry specifically chili crops, that implemented image processing techniques and classification of chili crops usually based on their color, shape, and texture. The goal of this study was to develop a portable sorting machine that will be able to segregate chili based on their color by using Artificial Neural Network (ANN) and to analyze the performance by using the Plot Confusion method. A sample of ten green chili images and ten red chili images was trained by using Learning Algorithm in MATLAB program that included a feature extraction process and tested by comparing the performance with a larger dataset, which are 40 samples of chili images. The trained network from 20 samples produced an overall accuracy of 80 percent and above, while the trained network from 40 samples produced an overall accuracy of 85 percent. These results indicate the importance of further study as the design of the smart sorting machine was general enough to be used in the agricultural industry that requires a high volume of chili crops and with other differentiating features to be processed at the same time. Improvements can be made to the sorting system but will come at a higher price.