Editorial Policy

Journal of Automation, Mobile Robotics and Intelligent Systems Editorial Policy consist of four steps:

STEP 1 -Uploading manuscript via system 

Authors interested in publication in Journal of Automation, Mobile Robotics and Intelligent Systems are asked to log in to the on-line system and submit an article.

In case of any problems please contact the Executive Editor (office@jamris.org). At this stage both types of files are accepted: PDF and MS Word.

STEP 2 -Preliminary –decision before review

If the topic of the manuscript is clearly out of scope or the editors find the plagiarism, it will be rejected without being sent to reviewers. Reviewers’ identities are classified.

STEP 3 -After review

Executive Editor forwards the comments received from the reviewers to the Editor-in-chief who makes the final decision. He may consult with Editorial Board Members or ask for more review in ambiguous cases. Executive editor inform the authors about the final decision. Authors who submitted their manuscript via system can also see the comments (descriptive part of a review) in the system. A response and a protest or appeal of the authors against the reviewers’comments or rejecting their submission is forwarded to the reviewers for information. Authors can withdraw their submission at the any stage by informing about that executive editor.

STEP 4 - Finalizing: correcting the proofreadings’

Executive Editor send the proof to the corresponding author.