Double Blind or Single Blind Manuscripts

If you wish to submit your article in the Journal of Automation, Mobile Robotics and Intelligent Systems, you can submit your paper in the Double Blind or Single Blind Review process.


  • Single Blind is processed when authors send manuscripts in PDF files in their personal data, so editors cannot delete this data.
  • Double Blind is a process such that the authors do not know the identity of the reviewers, and the reviewers do not know the authors' identity for review.


If you wish to submit your paper in the Double-Blind process, you musty abide by the following steps:

1.Do Not Include Author Information on the Manuscript's First Page.

The title page should only include the manuscript title, abstract and keywords as initial information.

Identifying information, including names, affiliations, and contact information for ALL author(s) must be entered into the appropriate OJS submission fields only. Following COPE standards, changes to authors once a manuscript has been submitted will not be allowed except if an apparent reason for the difference in authorship is given and all authors have given their written consent to the change.

2. Do Not Include Identifying Details in the Body of the Manuscript

Details that could identify the authors, such as titles of projects and websites, should be blinded by replacing the actual information with a placeholder. E.g. [Project Title] or [URL]

3. Do Not Include Acknowledgements

Acknowledgements can be added to the final revisions once a manuscript has been accepted.

4. References in the Manuscript Should be Presented in the Third Person

The use of references in the manuscript should not disclose the authors' identity. The best way to do this is by including citations to the authors' own work in the third person. E.g. In a paper by Author Chang, the reference could read "Drawing on the previous method developed by Chang et al. (2015)…." with the full citation by Chang included in the reference list.

In situations where either (a) the current work is so intimately related to the prior work that such a third-person reference would still disclose the identity or (b) the number of references to prior work by the same author would de facto reveal their identity, place holders should be used instead. E.g. "Elaborating the same analysis method (Authors, 2014; 2015) that was used on the same data previously (Authors, 2016)…" The full citation should not be included in the reference list.

5. For Revised Submissions, Do Not Include Author Names in the Reviewer Response Letter

When making a revised submission, you should include a separate document that clearly explains how you have addressed the comments that were raised in the reviews and decision letter. This reviewer response letter will be shared with the reviewers and thus must not contain author names or any other identifying information. The reviewer response letter should be uploaded as a supplemental file in the OJS submission system.

6. Document properties and personal information should be inspected and removed.

In Microsoft Word, go to File > 'Inspect Document'> click 'inspect' and then 'remove all' under the properties and personal information. This removes author names from the document metadata. Detailed instructions may be found in Microsoft Office help (and, for Mac), or equivalent for your software.