An AI & ML Based Detection & Identification in Remote Imagery: State-of-the-Art


Keywords: Remote Sensed Imagery, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning


Remote Imagery and the allied processing have been a matter of curiosity among researchers for a long, and have achieved various fruitful milestones in various facets. From the near past, due to the entrance and buzz of AI & ML based computing, remotely sensed imagery & allied processing technology are growing rapidly and continuously expanding towards multiple important services- like land surveying, traffic surveillance, and various earth science disciplines. As Artificial intelligence has become the charm of researchers, machine learning and deep learning have been proven as the most commonly used and highly effective techniques for object detection. AI & ML based object segmentation &detection makes this area hot and fond to the researchers again with the opportunities of enhanced accuracy in the same. A vast literature is available from a long past till now related to the development of various techniques proposed in this area. In this paper, we have explored the major techniques of image processing for object detection and identification from remote imagery, including the current research directions and future directives. This literature survey is basically focused on analyzing and summarizing the past and recent work done in this field through a chronological sequence of research done for object detection and identification in remotely sensed imagery.