Deep Reinforcement Learning Overview of the state of the Art.


Keywords: reinforcement learning, deep learning, convolutional network, recurrent network, Deep Reinforcement Learning


Artificial intelligence has made big steps forward with reinforcement learning (RL) in the last century, and with the advent of deep learning (DL) in the 90s, especially, the breakthrough of convolutional networks in computer vision field. The adoption of DL neural networks in RL, in the first decade of the 21 century, led to an end-toend framework allowing a great advance in human-level agents and autonomous systems, called deep reinforcement learning (DRL). In this paper, we will go through the development Timeline of RL and DL technologies, describing the main improvements made in both fields. Then, we will dive into DRL and have an overview of the state-ofthe-art of this new and promising field, by browsing a set of algorithms (Value optimization, Policy optimization and Actor-Critic), then, giving an outline of current challenges and real-world applications, along with the hardware and frameworks used. In the end, we will discuss some potential research directions in the field of deep RL, for which we have great expectations that will lead to a real human level of intelligence.



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Deep Reinforcement Learning Overview of the state of the Art. (2018). Journal of Automation, Mobile Robotics and Intelligent Systems, 2012(3), 20-39.

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